Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Review -Farm Work, Photo Sessions & Estate Sales-

I'm totally aware I'm a day off but I'm ok with it. The main purpose is to get back into the routine of blogging about daily life and what's happening in my neck of the woods.

First off I need to explain a little bit before I tell you about my weekend....

My only Homolka family member left on our family tree, Karen Horak, passed away a couple of months ago. For those who do not know the situation to summarize it she had suffered with diabetes practically her entire life. Since the age of six she had dealt with the incredibly hard life of watching her blood sugar levels and ensuring that she is ok. About ten years ago she had an issue and went into a diabetic coma that lasted only a few days but scared us all as the doctors were extremely worried about her.

Fast forward to around Christmas time and our family receives a call explaining that she has slipped into another coma and she was in the Intensive Care Unit up in Lincoln. The doctors said with her medical history she might recover but with her blood sugar being around 1600 the chances are very unlikely. (Regular blood sugar levels are around 100 for those who don't know those things)

After over a week of no progress or change our family had to make the decision to take her off of life support to see what, if anything, would happen. We, as a family felt her quality of life wouldn't be enjoyable if she would have had a trachea and been in a nursing home forever. After they took out her breathing tubs things slowly went downhill and our family lost our last living relative on my dad's side.

I wanted to keep today's post positive for others to read but I also wanted to post about how I learned to grieve through it. At first my prayers were of anger. Asking God why he left the decision of taking her off of life support to our family.

But then my prayers started evolving and I soon began feeling at peace with our decision, realizing that God didn't ask us to make a decision of life/death but was actually asking us to make a decision thinking about Karen.

We had made our decision, but ultimately, God was showing us that he would make the "final call" of when to take Karen home to be with him and her parents. He wasn't asking us for a yes or no answer, he was actually just asking us to pray for strength and getting us ready for the grieving process. Giving us time to come to terms with our given situation.

Throughout this entire process I have learned that sometimes the Lord doesn't answer direct prayers, sometimes he gives us a week or two to really pray, open our Bibles and look at scripture in a new light.

This past weekend was filled with lifting heavy boxes and sneezing from all the dusty items.

Friday morning I guess you could call it "luck" but I spent the morning with the boys on the farm. They tore out a tree line in one of the fields so we were busy pulling out random sticks and roots that were left behind. This is back braking work people! If you've never done it before I invite you out to give it a go. The constant strain of bending over and pulling roots to 150+ year old trees is exhausting. Especially when you already have a bad back like me! The picture over on the right just cracks me up every time! I took it without them knowing, we had to take the four wheeler to get to one of the fields so I was stuck on back laughing at them the entire time. They'll hate me for it once they find out I took this picture ;)

The afternoon/evening was spent getting the game plan set into action of how the rest of the weekend would go. We had Karen's sale on Sunday and so we were getting things ready to roll for Saturday when we would be moving all of the goods over to set up for the sale.

Saturday morning I was busy helping Amanda with a newborn shoot and then we had a three month old shoot later on after lunch. I always joke with Amanda that I love organizing and cleaning her studio. I'm not sure why but it's so fun and I just naturally enjoy doing it! She's had a fun little shelf sitting in it's box for well over a month and finally in between sessions I took it upon myself to start putting it together. So, there I was, putting things together as happy as a little elf on Christmas Eve while she laughed at me and ate Cheetos. Quite the scene!

Then after I finished helping with the second session I quickly changed into work clothes and headed into town to unload the four plus stock trailers full of household and garage items from Karen's house for the Estate Sale.

The panorama above gives you a little idea of exactly how much "stuff" we moved in. 

A. Lot.

Below I'm just going to add a few pictures of the moving process and a couple selfies I had to take while moving stuff, too fun not to pass up right!?

The little Czech outfit I'm wearing in this pictures was actually meant for a child, my sister tried it on and wasn't able to zip it up, I put it on and it somehow fit like a gem. Of course it's a little snug but digging through all of Karen's things it was neat to find little treasures like this that we didn't even know she had!

Overall the sale was bittersweet. Happy because we got to sort through all of Karen's items, finding memories of childhood, seeing pictures of her life and how successfully she managed to live with diabetes for so long. Sad because I was slowly realizing that the last "branch" of the Homolka tree had finally fallen off and it was just me and my sister to carry on our family. 

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  1. Wow, didn't realize she was the last branch, leaving just you and your sister to keep the blood line going. How's that for pressure!
    It's probably not a good thing when the auctioneers know you by name and by number!
    I think your mom got that outfit despite my attempts!

  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Aunt. It is so amazing the journey we are allowed to take through prayer and God's guidance when something like this happens. How fun getting to go through stuff, although I'm not jealous at all about all the work!! :)


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