Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Farming On The Four's

I'm excited to be back into my routine of posting my Farming On The Four's. As I'm putting my 2014 "yearbook" together slowly I realize that I really do miss seeing these updates so if I only blog strictly personal posts and farming updates that's considered a win in my book! 
What's been going on around our farm? A LOT! The cows have been out on pasture for a few weeks, we've brought home some new farm equipment, received more rain and hail and finally finished up planting for the second time.
On the 16th of June we got more rain, hail and some pretty fun lightning storms. Not a whole lot of rain, around .55" but enough to keep Trav out of the field for a few days. Lately we've been running through tiny rain patches. Not all bad except for the fact that when they come through they're almost always severe weather type storms. Those aren't fun! We've already been hailed on several times this year and my poor garden hates the harsh 60+ mph wind that rolls through.
Speaking of the garden, I think I've been growing super food! Check out this radish I've been growing. 
At this point they're not edible but it's been fun to see how big they've gotten. It started out as "no leave them so I can get a picture of them tomorrow" and then turned into a month later let's just pull them, they're no good anymore. Yes, I'm guilty of wanting a picture of them, mostly because this is the first year I've actually had a good looking garden that's producing veggies. 
Right now the garden is currently producing radishes (ok those are done) peas, green beans, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. I'm pretty darn impressed with myself! This year the weeds are minimal and compared to last year you can see what specifically is growing in each row. Over the past few years of my own gardening career about this time it gets too hot and I give up going outside to weed or mulch. This year I've been keeping up on the weeds and I'd say about 85% of the garden is mulched at this point.
I still want to get back out there and plant a few more things like another row of green beans and possibly more peas but overall I'm extremely satisfied with how it all look. My little peas have pods about an inch long already so I'll be keeping a close eye on them so I can go sneak the first one of the season!

On the 18th of this month we brought home the boys' NEW combine! The 7230 is officially on the farm and getting the "Travis Approval" for the 2014 harvest season. He always goes around and makes the fine adjustments, adding dates to specific things so he knows when to change them in the future. He also has to add in their computer monitors and other items that were taken out of the old combine before it was loaded up and taken to the dealership for a bath and awaiting a new owner.
And how cute is Travis' little nephew Jax trying out the new combine?! He really wasn't sure at first what to think when grandpa took him in the cab but I'm sure come harvest time he'll enjoy it a little more and check out what his family does for fun. 
This is the third brand new combine they have bought! I love getting to see the new combines pull onto the yard. There's something exciting about knowing there's a brand new piece of equipment that cost well over half a million dollars coming onto the farm. It just shows that there is still money in farming and that if you work hard sometimes you can upgrade to get something new and fun to play with! 
I think my favorite update that I'll be sharing this time is the fact that on the 20th (Friday night) we decided to finally hold our baby kittens for the first time since we've found them! I kept telling Travie we need to leave them a bit longer so mama doesn't move them but I caved because he convinced me that if we don't start holding them now they'll become wild and we won't be able to catch them. Luckily mama hasn't moved them since we've started playing with them daily but I'm still a little worried. As you can tell I was LOVING our first set of baby kitties! I cannot wait to watch them grow up and I'm really hoping the dog stays away from them!
Also, on gardening updates, the 21st we added my cucumber trellis! This is the first year we've been so far ahead of the game that we actually put something out for my little cucumbers. Spending just a few hours a night has made a huge difference in the garden and I love it because it gives us a little time to spend together and catch up on the day and what the rest of the week looks like!

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  1. New farm equipment is always a benefit. It can get jobs done faster, which means more food on the table or at farmer's stands so that it can be sold for money to support the family. It's almost like Christmas when you see new farming equipment rolls onto the property.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine


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