Friday, June 27, 2014

LOVE isn't such a bad thing...

When I think of the word love many things come to mind. First, those sappy "love" movies or stories I read are what I consider "fictional love" or in other words, the writers perspective of what the ideal love is. It's a way for them to take the ordinary love and make it perfect, in my opinion, not real.

Another thing that comes to mind when I think about love is the love and compassion I have for my family and my friends. When I say I love someone it doesn't mean I admire them for their looks but instead it means I truly love them for the way they make me feel and their personality. I love on so many different levels!

I love my friends for sharing encouraging messages with me. I love my boy for giving me endless hugs. I love my parents for never giving up on me. I love my sister for allowing me to find someone I can hate at the same time. And most important, I love my God for showing me the importance of a purposeful life.

But, when I look at love as a relationship I look at my grandparents and smile knowing they've beat the odds of all the cards in the deck. Happy 65th wedding anniversary Grandpa and Grandma Zoubek!

These two have some amazing stories they've shared with me over the years. While eating lunch this past weekend with them while celebrating their 65th anniversary I asked them what they did for their honeymoon. Their answer was simple, they traveled for a little bit but had to be home early because it was getting close to harvest time. Yes, they're a true American farming family. I had to laugh because this is something Trav would totally pull on me if we were to try out a honeymoon in the summer. 

My grandparents have raised six successful children and have loved their 30+ grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They have shown us all what it's like to work hard and raise a family all while having fun and living a down to earth lifestyle. 

Kids (missing one of the brothers)
So, congratulations Ernie and Rosie Zoubek! You've done an amazing job with your kiddos and now they're all raising some successful offspring of their own! I love you and my entire Zoubek family to the ends of the earth and I'm so proud to celebrate a day dedicated to love that's still alive after 65 years of marriage!

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  1. I love hearing about stories like that! My parents are about to celebrate 46 years of marriage and my dad's cousin, who is 92, will be celebrating his 70th wedding anniversary on 9/16 - the day his wife turns 90. Truly amazing and inspirational couples!


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