Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Book Challenge -Update-

Did you notice something new over here at KUWKels?! If you noticed that I re-did a few things congrats you're very observant! I tried changing a few font colors but Blogger is being goofy and won't let me change them even after I save the new colors so I might just stay colorful for awhile! 


So it's the beginning of the FINAL month and to hold myself a little more accountable I want to try to do a monthly update to see where I'm at and track my progress. I realize I totally slacked on the update thing so I wanted to try to do an update in hopes of maybe finishing up a few extra books in time! To give you a review on my books I've chosen I'll post them first and then give you the update.

#1 - Freebie! Read any book that is at least 200 pages long (5 points)
The Reader by Bernhard Schlink 224 pages

#2 - Read a book that was written before you were born (10 points)
The Color Purple by Alice Walker 300 pages

#3 - Finish reading a book you couldn't finish the first time around (You must have at least 150 pages left in the book to use it for this category) (10 points)
Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen 335 pages

#4 - Read a book from the children's section of the library or bookstore (10 points)
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 336 pages

#5 - Read a book that is on The New York Times' Best Sellers List when you begin reading it (15 points)
The Nazi Officers Wife by Edith Beer 336 pages

#6 - Read a historical fiction book that does not take place in Europe (15 points)
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 371 pages

#7 - Read a book another blogger has already read for the challenge (15 points)

#8 - Read a book with "son(s)," "daughter(s)," or "children" in the title (20 points)
Little Children by Tom Perrotta 368 pages

#9 - Read a book that was/will be adapted into a film in 2014 (20 points)
Wild by Cheryl Strayed 336 pages

#10 - Read a book written by a blogger (25 points)
I've Never Been To Vegas, But My Luggage Has by Mandy Hale 240 pages

#11 - Read a biography, autobiography or memoir (25 points)
Running Away: A Memoir by Robert Powell 272 pages

#12 - Read a pair of books with antonyms in the titles (30 points)
Driving With Dead People by Monica Holloway 336 pages
Fully Alive by Ken Davis 225 pages


Below I'll list the books and update them when I get them done, I'll go ahead and cross them off and add the dates that I finish these books, I know I'm not allowed to start reading them until the beginning of May but with the amazing coupons that came in the mail to Barnes & Noble I can at least purchase the books right!! 
And on another note, does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy cheap/free audiobooks? I'm wanting to venture out of my comfort zone and try one or two for when I'm running, see if it's something I'd be interested in. Lemme know your thoughts!!

#1 The Reader by Bernhard Schlink 224 pages (Finished May 9th)
#2 The Color Purple by Alice Walker 300 pages
#3 Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen 335 pages (Finished May 6th)
#4 Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 336 pages
#5 The Nazi Officers Wife by Edith Beer 336 pages
#6 The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 371 pages
#8 Little Children by Tom Perrotta 368 pages
#9 Wild by Cheryl Strayed 336 pages (Finished May 28th)
#10 I've Never Been To Vegas, But My Luggage Has by Mandy Hale 240 pages
#11 Running Away: A Memoir by Robert Powell 272 pages
#12 Driving With Dead People by Monica Holloway 336 pages & Fully Alive by Ken Davis 225 pages


I'm pretty proud of myself so far. I didn't expect to finish so many books so fast. Here's a little review on each book that I've finished up to this point:

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen This book was awesome! I really didn't expect to love it, and I actually couldn't get into it the first time I picked it up but once I got through the first few chapters it became interesting. I'm not sure I've ever seen the movie but I remember it being really big and talked about at one point. The main summary of the book is that its about a college kid who had his parents die in a tragic accident and then him finding out his family has nothing that the bank took it all. He runs away by jumping onto a train which he later discovers to be a circus train and then kind of "joins the circus" unintentionally. The behind the scenes look at what goes on during the shows is fun and I love the twisted love story that slowly unfolds between the main character and one of the circus entertainers. This book was awesome and now I'm really excited to go see the movie to compare it to the book!!

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink 224 pages. This book was ok, it was honestly just plain weird but ironically I loved that without even knowing it I read a book about WWII history. The book's main character starts out at fourteen and is sick so he misses a lot of school. He ends up over at a lady's house who was around thirty-five and eventually they start having a sexual relationship. (Major weird I tried warning you) After months of this happening things change and she just up and leaves him. He longs to see her and eventually gets over missing her but years down the road their paths cross again. He's already divorced and has a daughter but once he starts watching a trial for some Nazi workers he soon discovers her past. He realizes there is so much more to her and finally understands why she would never open up about her past when she was with him. The book itself was very hard to read but the general concept was great. I believe +Heather Ann sent me this book, but I can't say for sure because it might have been +Sarah C. Both ladies are awesome blog buddies and I just suck at remembering things! ;) 

Wild by Cheryl Strayed 336 pages. I was honestly surprised I even liked this book! This wasn't something I would normally read and thankfully it was the only book that popped out while thumbing through this category. I struggled with it until about halfway through the book. I found myself not into the main character, she was about my age but her mother was dying of cancer and she was finding herself wanting to get a divorce. That's not even close to what's going on in my life. But the way I found us connecting is that she felt like nothing was in her control anymore. Like the only way to do something for herself was the hike the PCT trail and prove to herself that she can be in control of what's going on around her. I felt that was oober inspiring to prove that she can be a hiker, alone by herself, and show others that it's possible to do something! The book kind of drug out in parts but I found myself continuing to read because I wanted to find out how Cheryl did. I wanted to know how she over came each obstacle that came her way and lived off of a budget of literally nothing yet did something so incredible!

Alright, now it's time to get my "focus" on and really get some books crunched away this month!! I want to finish at least half the list so I need to read 3+ books to reach that goal. You'll find me in my hammock in my kiddie pool if you need me ;)

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  1. Love the new design:) It's very appropriate!

  2. You have some great books you're reading for the challenge. I really enjoyed The Kite Runner. Even thought it's long, I couldn't put it down and it didn't take me a long time to read. I was needing a book for my "children's section" one and I might read the same book as you because that's been on my to read list anyway.

  3. I love the new design. I wanna read the Water for Elephants before I see it!

  4. I actually really liked The Reader, but I agree the sexual part was super weird. And this isn't the last month - you still have August!! :)


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