Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wheat Harvest

The first harvest of the season is happening! 

With about 20 acres of wheat that Travis farms we made the decision to hire our neighbor to come combine it for us. We recently just purchased a new combine and instead of pulling it out, make all the adju to adjust it all for wheat we decided it was much easier to have our neighbor who also combines several acres of his own wheat to do it. Without getting too into the details our newer combine chops up the straw stubble more which would cause us to not get as good of pieces to bale with later.

As farmer's we're always looking for ways to use every last bit of the crops that we plant and harvest. Part of using everything and not letting anything go to waste is baling up the "trash" or part of the crop that isn't harvested and sold at COOP. We like to bale straw bales to use for cattle bedding and normally a 20 acre field could last us several years worth of small square bales.
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