Wednesday, October 1, 2014

30 Miles In 30 Days - September

September was a tough but FUN month for me. I looked at my calendar to realize that my first half marathon is coming up in November and it's time to seriously focuse on running! No more skrewing around, it's time to start running daily!!



No races, and I'm ok with it. Since I'm pushing for my half marathon I knew I wouldn't be running as many races this year. But with all these fun fall 5k's popping up it's really tempting to sign up for a few!!


Holy moly I hit the jackpot this past month!! I realize that I haven't ran that much this summer with activities and work going on but when I really look at just how much I ran in September I'm totally amazed and proud of myself. I have NEVER ran that many miles. Ever.

Soooo, imagine how delighted I was when I pulled up my daily mile log, entered in my miles and saw that I had run my highest mileage month to date since I started logging all my miles. And not only did I go over and hit my high but I also blew it out of the water. 

From what I can see it looks like 37 miles is the highest I've ever ran in a month, I high 67.1 this past month according to my RunKeeper App! Yes! Party time! I get to indulge and buy new workout gear for myself as a reward!! ;)

But in all seriousness, this was such an inspiring thing to hit. I've been working my butt off trying to throw in higher mileage runs and seeing the numbers crunched got me excited to continue to push myself for higher numbers and bigger goals. I worked hard, I ran almost every day and really focused on my distance skills.

This past month I also really focused on my sprints. I realize my strides suck as a runner and the only way to get better is to practice. So with a little "pep talking" from my running app and following a first marathon outlined workout schedule I'm learning to run a few miles then work on sprints. It's tough but I honestly can feel that I'm doing better about stretching out when I run.

Annnd, I started really working on hills. I've been babying myself and only doing flat ground but something clicked and I realized that not every race will be ideal "Kelsey Perfect" running conditions so I'm trying to get outside of my comfort zone more. Again, work in progress but I'm getting better about it!

My long runs used to consist of 3.5 miles, now they're doubled and I'm seeing number around the 6ish mile mark. Pretty exciting and moving to think my body will allow such a crazy adjustment in a short thirty days already!!

The picture above is from my Daily Mile account, it's showing miles per month breakdown. Pretty crappy looking summer wouldn't you agree?! The month of January it's crazy to think I ran almost as much as the other warmer months... Weirdo!


1. Heeeelp! What's your favorite pre-workout formula? Mine is #NLAuplift and it's yummy, but i must warn my snapchat friends of the monster that is created once I start chugging... It's just so good! If you want a good laugh add me, @kuwkels on snapchat.

2. Lookie I found a new highway to run on! Clatonia is a totally new territory for me but I'm kinda digging it. The little down time between volleyball games is great to get a quick three miles in. Not gonna lie the hills were rough, but it's back to volleyball games now!

3. Black Friday! So I decided today should be black out day for my run. Sounded like a good idea, mainly because I'm mourning the fact that it was my first day of needing to switch to workout pants instead of the ol summer shorts. Ready or not fall is coming! Life seems so much simpler when I have time to think while our running. :)

4. Yup, pretty much mad and angry all at once! Don't worry, I finished up the run, but was feeling defeated and disappointed as I cursed the last half mile. #suckit

5. Unfortunately, this "run off the pain" dealo didn't work this evening. I guess when my workout schedule calls for a rest day I should listen next time! #wecantstop

6. Don't mind the shameless mirror selfie, but I've been watching a lot of Sex & The City lately and I'm obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker! Today my hair is just screaming Carrie Bradshaw and I'm not complaining one bit. :) #sex&thecity #obsessed

7. My shirt says, "I don't sweat I sparkle" Well, today I was extra sparkly from my run! But the sunsets always make the runs seem so much easier. Today was also a record breaker for steps power day according to my phone. WooHoo!


This isn't the one I follow but it's fun to find some new workout routines and schedules so I decided to start adding something new for you. You know, just in case you're looking for something to try out! ;)

This month rocked for running and workouts!! I'm really wanting to add a new abs/arms workout to the mix, maybe I'll work on that for this next month. Does anyone have a solid plan they're using and like enough to share? I'd love to see how you're doing!!

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