Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My "second half"-marathon training....!!

Seriously, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm too much of a procrastinator to really focus on training properly and with that being said. I'm really not sure I'd ever have enough dedication to truly train for a full marathon.

I kid you not, check out my month miles since my last half marathon in November:

December - 0 miles
January - 24.2 miles
February - 0 miles
March - 16.2 miles
April - 17.9 miles (so far)

See! I wasn't joking about literally logging NO miles since my last race. I know that over winter most runners turn to treadmills and kind of slack off but I want to love running. I really want to keep my miles somewhat consistent throughout the year. I want to want to run!

With high hopes of completing THREE half marathons this year I realize that my focus needs to really zero in and start getting serious. I truly do love running and feel it's a gift that most people don't get, but convincing myself that Grey's Anatomy on Netflix isn't more important is the trick. 

Once I get out the door and through that first mile I'm usually fine. I get through the whining phase and start to just run. But I get bored! Anymore it's so hard for me to get into a mode where I just leave the phone in my armband and go. I try music, but Pandora's killing my stations and there's nothing I can jam out to and get lost in. I've tried the audio books thing, again, the narrator must stink because I find myself over it within five or six minutes. I've tried my audio Bible which really helped me last fall while working on training for my Good Life Halfsy race. Even that hasn't helped!! At this point, nothing is helping me pull myself out of my funk and really enjoy running again.

It's about three weeks until the Lincoln Marathon and I honestly haven't logged that many miles over the past few months. It's embarrassing and I know I'm setting myself up for failure. As of now I'm really working on throwing myself into training 110% so we'll see what I can do with three weeks worth of dedicated training.

My training really consists of just logging miles. My goal is to up it a mile each day. I know realistically my body cannot run an extra mile each day so I've been working on adding that mile to the end with jogging/walking switch-ups. I'll push myself to get an extra half mile in and then if necessary I allow myself to finish up the rest with a cool-down walk.

I also want to make sure that I run daily. Some days it just isn't possible with a busy schedule or the crazy Nebraska spring weather but I'd like to set the goal of getting on the treadmill if necessary. There's really no excuse as to why I can't run on dreary days. And it's time to stop hiding behind excuses! Buck up buttercup!!

Any suggestions on how to stay motivated and focused? Anything at all?! I need major motivation at this point! Maybe it's time to focus on reading blogs again daily. I usually feel like watching others accomplish larger runs motivates me to want to brag it up about my longer runs as well!

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