Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Lincoln Half Marathon.

It's less than two weeks away. 

I still have NO motivation. 

And I'm ready to cry and quit.

I don't even know why this round of "training" is so tough for me. I can't blame it on having a crazy busy schedule like I do in the fall. I can't blame it on the weather, because, it's actually fairly nice out.

I think this time around what's happening is mentally, I'm just not wanting to train. Mentally, my heart isn't into this run. It's not my first and it's for sure not my last. It's an "in-between" race. A race that really doesn't count, per say, in the bigger picture of my racing career if you shall call it that.

Last weeks running stats- 
Sunday - none
Monday - 2 miles
Tuesday - 3.75 miles
Wednesday - 3.72 miles
Thursday - none
Friday - 3.25 miles
Saturday - none

Looks not too shabby right? Finishing up almost 12.72 miles. HA! I'm running 13.1 miles AT ONCE in two weeks. Seriously, I've got to get my act together and focus on this training. Keep in mind a few of those days weren't even real runs. They were actually walks or treadmill "jogs" so I don't really even consider that solid training time.

So, I've come up with a plan after all of this complaining. My new plan and motivation for prepping for this race? A Garmin watch! I've been just using my Garmin VivoFit paired up with my RunKeeper running app but it's time I graduate and become an official runner. Time to up the game and get something cool. IF, yes IF, I complete this race with a time matching my last half mary pace I will go ahead and purchase my watch. GUILT FREE. And I'll wear it with pride knowing I pushed myself through the last few weeks of training.

So (please) help me. Give me something. Anything. I need motivation. I need inspiration. I've lost it. Just help.

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