Friday, May 15, 2015

((ColorFoam5k Giveaway))

It's time to get back into my monthly race entry routine. I miss running a race each month and re-capping it. To me, I love seeing stats, and part of seeing stats includes seeing how many races I've ran. I really want to start making a yearly "Race Yearbook" to print and add to my collection of vacation books and my other yearbooks I make. I saw the cutest idea over at Meals & Miles where she did something similar and now I'm determined to start doing the same.

Books and miles per month are my main motivation so it's time to start adding races back into my schedule. I know my half marathons require a lot of training but it's time to add those 5k's back in to help focus my game on my sprints too.

So I was THRILLED when I was contact by the newest and coolest race series, ColorFoam5k. They asked if I'd be willing to come run their race as well as give away a pair of tickets for a blog follower to come run it as well. Of course I giddily agreed and now here I am. Getting ready to write a post inviting all of YOU to come run and party with me as well as enter to win a free set of tickets!

You can choose to run, walk or dance through clouds of endless colored foam while having fun with friends and running a 5k race all in one. Make sure to wear white and prepare to get blasted with liquid color.

The best part, there will be an after party. Yes, my favorite thing after a 5k race is a solid after party filled with even more fun for those who aren't runners but still want to feel like they're cool enough to party hard with us!

Join me and the rest of the runners at Mahoney State Park on June sixth at 9 am. But you MUST be prepared to have fun and run through mounds of foam along the way... 

Another cool thing I love about this race is that they're giving back to our community. ColorFoam5k has teamed up with UNL Dance Marathon, to give back a portion of the proceeds to Children's Hospital and Medical Center of Omaha. For more info about UNL Dance Marathon go to

So what are you waiting for?! Join in and enter to win! Follow the instructions below in Rafflecopter to be entered. I will draw for the winner on May 23rd so make sure to share with friends :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post is sponsored by ColorFoam5k*

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