Monday, May 11, 2015

---Half Mary Training 2015 Round #2---

Well, with about ten weeks until my second half marathon for 2015 coming up I suppose it's time to start focusing on training again. I gave myself a week to rest after my last race and I've done a lot of thinking since then about how I plan to attack this next race.

This time around I'm training for the Her Tern Half Marathon held in Anchorage Alaska this July. Quite a ways from home right? Yes, I'm traveling 3,348 miles and I will be racing in a totally different territory with different terrain and weather than what I'm used to but I am so ready for the change!!

I'm heading up there for my cousin's wedding and to go explore Alaska while we're there for a week but I also wanted to work on knocking out part of my Project #RUN50 while I was there. Throw it all together and I come up with the crazy idea that I'm going to run a half marathon on the morning of my cousin's wedding!

Looking at the course I think it'll be to my advantage that the course is nearly at sea level the entire time. I'm normally running around 1200 ft above sea level so when I get there and the highest elevation is around 300 ft above sea level I think that'll help me. Strategically, it's a bonus for me. Mentally, I'm not going to focus on banking on it to help make the course easier for me.

So, here goes training for yet another fun filled journey of pain, emotions and fun. 

I'm learning to love my running more this year. It's something I knew I'd evolve and get back into. Sometimes winter just kicks me harder in some years than others.

My training will combine both sprints, longer distance and I'm hoping to throw in some type of resistance type workouts this time around. I typically like to follow workout plans I've found via Pinterest of my running apps on my phone but I think this time I'm just going to go with the flow and make it up as the weeks come. I realize this isn't ideal but my weekly schedule changes and being self employed I find myself working some weird hours sometimes.

Wish me luck and stick around, I hope to keep you updated on future training runs here soon!

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  1. Hey Kelsey! So I totally forgot to tell you this after I gave you advice on running this race, but I'm running it too! I ran it last year and didn't think I'd be signing up again, but I decided to try it again! Let me know if you want to talk about training or if you want advice on stuff to do before/after the race while you're in Alaska. Are you signed up for the early start or the regular start?


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