Thursday, December 3, 2015

Elf On The Shelf (Day 3)

So far, I'd say "E" has been a pretty good little elf. 
She hasn't really gotten into anything nor caused any rucus (yet). Not that I'm complaining but I've seen a lot of other little elves that tend to make messes and turn the house upside down. 
She admits she's still adjusting to the time change and weather. I guess up north it's dark almost 18 hours a day right now so she's all sorts of confused with what's going on. 
I explained what snapchat was today to her and we tooked a few selfies. Then I had to go run errands and deliver print products to clients but when I got home I needed to wrap a few presents that came in the mail and she sat on a stack of already wrapped presents watching me. 

She must have gotten bored watching me, she mentioned something about being stuck on present wrapping duty up at the North Pole for fifteen hundred years and she hated it, then I saw she grabbed my phone and started taking...


These were too funny and I cannot believe she hacked my phone with them but at least she's up to date and being "cool".
I still haven't figured her name out, she deff said she wants her first name to start with an "E" so it goes with "Elfie". I guess she said she loves the initials E.E. so we've got to roll with that. Ideas? HELP!!
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Elf On The Shelf (Day 2)

Well, I've gotten A LOT of imput on names for "E" but I still am struggling! Most parents get a solid eight months to think of names for their little ones and I'm thrown on the spot and expected to help her pick out a name within a day or two!? Jeez hard work!

I've gotten everything from Matilda, Sadie, Bessie to Edith, Elsie, Sara, Sparkles and Cinnamon. But I still think my favorites include Ella, Evie, Eloise, Edith, Elvira and Elsie. Cause, you know, the kinda names that go with Elf! 

Edith the Elf.

Eloise (Ellie for short) the Elf.

This name game is tough stuff folks. Really. Super. Tough.

But onto elfing around news.

Yesterday I told Miss "E" to take a look around and get comfy, I said she's got free range to check out anything she wants, I figured she may as well check everything out so she can find things she wants to do while I'm busy working trying to finish up holiday orders. I said I'd check in this morning with her and see what fun things she had decided she wants to do while she's here.

Miss "E" found my prop corner and I found her clinging to the glitter. She informed me she's really into sparkles and I didn't dare step in. I mean, a girl and her glitter, that's a bond that even Rudolph couldn't break up! I promised after awhile we could play with the glitter but asked her to wait so I can do it, I'd hate for her to make a mess everywhere with that stuff!

She's such a gem, I love a girl that loves her crowns and glitter ;)

Ok but seriously help me! What should she be named?!?! Also, on another note, anyone have a Ken doll that I could borrow? She informed me she's really wanting to meet some men around here and I figured Ken would be a perfect match for her... Just sayin ;)

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Elf On The Shelf (Adult Addition)

So, my lovely mom gifted me an Elf On The Shelf last year for Christmas. I figured since I still don't have kiddos of my own to share the fun with I'll just create a "naughty" version of my own for a few years! I'll be posting them (hopefully) daily over on the Dirt Road Photography blog but I'll also pull some over here to share with you guys as well! Here's what I posted today:


What's more fun than Elf On The Shelf?

An Elf On The Shelf that's in a home without kids!

Our new elf (who still needs a name) has traveled many miles to get here and she's been patiently waiting to get into as much trouble as she can before kiddos arrive on the scene. 

She specifically choose MY house  because she heard that there aren't any kids around and she's decided she's not exactly up for watching kids quite yet. She told me here in a few years she'd love to report back to Santa Claus but for now she'd just like to escape the north pole for a few weeks and see what it's like here in Nebraska.

I didn't argue and agree to allow her to be my guest for awhile!

And, in her typical fashion, "MISS ELFIE" (she's not named, help me!) showed up in an old Case IH truck bringing booze to share! Me and her plan on having a drink this evening and discussing what she'd like to do while here for the next few weeks. I'm sure she's got plenty of ideas!

She admits she like to have a good time and is always up for a party!

So, stop by the blog once in awhile to see what she's been up to. I'll post as many updates as I can but sometimes she has too much fun and may spend a day or two resting to recover from the fun. ;)

What kind of fun things does your elf have planned this year? Does your elf have a name? 


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