Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Elf On The Shelf (Adult Addition)

So, my lovely mom gifted me an Elf On The Shelf last year for Christmas. I figured since I still don't have kiddos of my own to share the fun with I'll just create a "naughty" version of my own for a few years! I'll be posting them (hopefully) daily over on the Dirt Road Photography blog but I'll also pull some over here to share with you guys as well! Here's what I posted today:


What's more fun than Elf On The Shelf?

An Elf On The Shelf that's in a home without kids!

Our new elf (who still needs a name) has traveled many miles to get here and she's been patiently waiting to get into as much trouble as she can before kiddos arrive on the scene. 

She specifically choose MY house  because she heard that there aren't any kids around and she's decided she's not exactly up for watching kids quite yet. She told me here in a few years she'd love to report back to Santa Claus but for now she'd just like to escape the north pole for a few weeks and see what it's like here in Nebraska.

I didn't argue and agree to allow her to be my guest for awhile!

And, in her typical fashion, "MISS ELFIE" (she's not named, help me!) showed up in an old Case IH truck bringing booze to share! Me and her plan on having a drink this evening and discussing what she'd like to do while here for the next few weeks. I'm sure she's got plenty of ideas!

She admits she like to have a good time and is always up for a party!

So, stop by the blog once in awhile to see what she's been up to. I'll post as many updates as I can but sometimes she has too much fun and may spend a day or two resting to recover from the fun. ;)

What kind of fun things does your elf have planned this year? Does your elf have a name? 


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  1. LOVE this idea!!!! So cute!!! Here are some cute ones I have heard... Twinkle, Mistletoes, Holly... umm thats all I can think of.. =) Good Luck


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