Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Elf On The Shelf (Day 2)

Well, I've gotten A LOT of imput on names for "E" but I still am struggling! Most parents get a solid eight months to think of names for their little ones and I'm thrown on the spot and expected to help her pick out a name within a day or two!? Jeez hard work!

I've gotten everything from Matilda, Sadie, Bessie to Edith, Elsie, Sara, Sparkles and Cinnamon. But I still think my favorites include Ella, Evie, Eloise, Edith, Elvira and Elsie. Cause, you know, the kinda names that go with Elf! 

Edith the Elf.

Eloise (Ellie for short) the Elf.

This name game is tough stuff folks. Really. Super. Tough.

But onto elfing around news.

Yesterday I told Miss "E" to take a look around and get comfy, I said she's got free range to check out anything she wants, I figured she may as well check everything out so she can find things she wants to do while I'm busy working trying to finish up holiday orders. I said I'd check in this morning with her and see what fun things she had decided she wants to do while she's here.

Miss "E" found my prop corner and I found her clinging to the glitter. She informed me she's really into sparkles and I didn't dare step in. I mean, a girl and her glitter, that's a bond that even Rudolph couldn't break up! I promised after awhile we could play with the glitter but asked her to wait so I can do it, I'd hate for her to make a mess everywhere with that stuff!

She's such a gem, I love a girl that loves her crowns and glitter ;)

Ok but seriously help me! What should she be named?!?! Also, on another note, anyone have a Ken doll that I could borrow? She informed me she's really wanting to meet some men around here and I figured Ken would be a perfect match for her... Just sayin ;)

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