Monday, January 11, 2016

Running Updates

I'm really aiming at hitting bigger runs and more miles in 2016. I realize that everyone's goals are to improve and work harder every year so this shouldn't be a surprise.
I'm planning on hitting at least two more new states this year to cross off on my #RUN50 project as well as running a race in every month if possible. I'll get my finalized race schedule together shortly but for now I know I'm planning on running the following:
May - Lincoln Marathon (Half Marathon)
June - Clarkson Fun Run (5k)
August - Duck & Dumpling Run (10k)
October - Market 2 Market Relay (76M)
November - Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon)
I've got an awesome buddy that asked me to join up with her to motivate and hold each other accountable so I cannot wait to see what trouble me and Betsy get into while finding some fun runs to go run together this year! Everyone knows running with friends makes the miles less miserable plus we don't live by each other so we're virtual running which means we can each go at our own pace!
Stick around and watch my journey unfold. I have intentions to blog more about the daily life and my adventures. I'm horrible about getting posts done and posted (I seriously have about 40 in draft mode that are left unfinished!) 
Also, I'm running again everyday. I'm not sure if it'll turn into a #runstreak like last time but I've been working on logging miles and getting into the routine of getting back outside. 
It's not as bad out in the cold as I thought it'd be. I've always sworn off running in the winter but I've gotta learn sometime to toughen up so may as well start now. Hello 2016, I'm pretty excited to see what you've got in store for me! :)
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  1. Good luck with your run50! I'm so impressed with runners like you who have this on your bucket list!! I hope all good things happen with having a running buddy keeping your accountable!

  2. Sounds like a super fun race schedule! Thanks for linking up this week and hope to see you again next week! :)


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