Thursday, January 21, 2016


So I'm sitting down to get my 2016 Race Schedule and I was realizing that a few months were looking kinda bare. In an attempt to really fill my schedule up I looked into some new Virtual Runs.

What are virtual runs? They're basically runs that you sign up for online, then, you get to complete the runs anytime, at home, in the comforts of your favorite trails and time frame. You can run when it works best, basically, just make sure you track it so you can send your results in. Then, the company sends you a super awesome swag bag filled with various things! Some can include race medals, t-shirts, stickers and of course the ever popular race bibs are necessary!

So I'm needing a race for January and none in my area are working out. I'm opting to just run a virtual race that way I can do it when I have the time and still reach my goal of running a race a month.

Check out Running On The Wall to see what fun themed races they have. I'm debating between the Run With Grace and the Never Give Up themed packets. I just can't decide. I'll prob end up running both ;) 

Does anyone want to come run one (or two) with me?! I'd love to have a crew of us all run a virtual race together and link-up to see how we all did! Shoot me a message and let's line something fun up!

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