Monday, March 28, 2016

Run With Grace 10k - Running On The Wall Review

Well, I barely squeaked through January and almost didn't get a race in! What a horrible way to start out the year by skipping a goal of trying to run a race a month! I ended up signing up for a totally cool Virtual Run through Running On The Wall to ensure I could get my race done for January. I still cannot believe I spaced getting signed up for a race but luckily this virtual race thing saved the day!!

I signed up for the Run With Grace Run because I loved the message behind it. Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorite verses that I consistently repeat to myself to help me get through races is "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. - Philippians 4:13". 

What I loved about doing a virtual run was that I could do it on my own time, at my own pace and still complete a race for the month. With my schedule being totally up in the air due to so many things I loved that I had everything I needed at home to go out and run. The best part, check out all the swag that came with my race entry fee!

Ya, all that for only $30! No fighting to find parking, no waiting around for the start of the race, no fighting crowds just cool gear and my hometown city streets that I run all the time. I loved it! I totally have intentions of signing up for another one shortly, I'm just not sure which one to choose next!? I'm thinking either Never Give Up or Always Earned (because I love the bib holder!) but can't decide quite yet.
Alright so onto my race info...

I ended up deciding to break the 10k into two 5k's due to time as well as being waaaay out of shape. Like, I haven't ran in well over two weeks and I've been binge eating nutella like the winter storms have kept me inside with no food just nutella. It went alright, my stats show I got side tracked a few times and ended up walking a little bit while I got a phone call from a client on the first run.

I did the first 5k on Saturday and the second run on Sunday. I am OCD so yes, I did wear the exact same outfit both days to ensure that my pictures all "matched." On Saturday I took off thinking I could do this, I could get my run in and get a decent pace, I cranked up my tunes, got through that first (tough) half mile and realized that I was feeling alright. I hadn't ate all day but did take my pre-workout so I knew my stomach wouldn't really appreciate it but didn't realize that it'd be angry with me for this decision. I was in about mile two-ish and realized that this was a lot rougher than I'd expected. I figured I'd just jump back into running and I'd be fine. Wrong. Totally wrong. 

I'm working on being more consistent this year for a reason. Because skipping out of running for two weeks leaves my body feeling horrible, my brain telling me to quit and my heart to feel like I can't do it anymore. I need to work hard, I need to focus again, I need to just make the time to run.

I finished Saturday feeling so defeated and actually sore. My knees couldn't handle the impact since they haven't been used lately and I actually had to stretch afterwards to ensure I wouldn't feel the pain over the next few days. I felt horrible and knew that the second half probably wasn't going to be much fun the next day. Lesson learned, don't skip a workout!! 

I loved that I could run my familiar routes in town but still getting to consider it a race for the year. I'm really trying to include more races in my routine to keep me accountable. I've got a half marathon coming up in May and I realize that I need to focus more on training so I'm trying to jump into more races as part of my training. 

The second "half" of the run I completed on Sunday. Jumping into that second 5k I know I was already down on myself so I was just trying to stay positive and remind myself that the time doesn't matter what really matters is that I complete it without giving up or quitting. I struggled and truthfully considered quitting but I kept going. About two miles into it I finally hit the "I can do this" plateau and felt better and knew I could and would finish this race up.

When I finally hit that 3.1 mile mark on day two I let out a huge sigh of relief and smiled. I did something that was one of my hardest races in awhile. I pushed myself from not working out over winter break to doing a 10k (my second ever) in two days. Woop! #proudmoment

Although I may not have ran gracefully the entire way I still ran the race and ended up finishing it. What a fun and exciting race series, I'm actually really excited to sign up for another one on an off month that I need to fill again!!
And on that note, I'm also obsessing over their race bib holders! I've been eyeing them for awhile and just can't decide which one I want to get! Which one do you have or recommend?!

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