Below is a list of runs and races I've participated in. My goal is to participate in one a month so my journey continues onward! Keep up with me to see how I'm doing! Also, I usually try to run 30 miles in 30 days and I'll keep a running track (no pun intended) of that as well on this page. Wish me luck on my continuous journey of healthy living :)

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Races I've Completed:
10/12/12 - Mighty Mud Dash (5k)
4/7/13 - Totally Rad 80's Run (5k)
4/27/13 - Crete River Run (5k)
5/11/13 - Color Me Rad (5k)
6/8/13 - Milligan Rooster Run (5k)
8/17/13 - Omaha Glow Run (5k)
8/3/13 - Duck & Dumpling Run (2 mile)
8/24/13 - Stapleton Stampede (5k)
10/19/13 - Run or Dye (5k)
8/4/14 - Duck & Dumpling Run (2 mile)
11/9/14 - Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon)
5/3/15 - Lincoln National Guard Marathon (Half Marathon)
6/27/15- Clarkson Fun Run (5k)
7/19/15 - Her Tern Half (Half Marathon)
8/1/15 - Duck & Dumpling Run (10k)
10/3/15 - Market To Market Relay (12+ miles)
11/1/15 - Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon)
11/13/15 - Dollywood Light The Way (5k)
11/24/15 - Turkey Trot (5k)


Monthly Running Mileage Log
Another way to hold myself accountable for my miles is to create a monthly log with stats on how I'm doing! I'm really hoping to not only increase the miles through the months but through the years as well! So far, I've been on an uphill climb and I'm hoping to continue the trend!

February 13- 3.43 miles
March 13- 8.84 miles
April 13- 36.97 miles
May 13- 30.17 miles
June 13- 34.13 miles
July 13- 13.48 miles
August 13- 16.56 miles
September 13- 20.34 miles
October 13- 22.68 miles
November 13- 6.73 miles
December 13- 18.23 miles
Total Miles in 2013: 211.56 miles

January 14- 10.85 miles
February 14- 3.46 miles
March 14- 3.97 miles
April 14- 10.11 miles
May 14- 6.66 miles
June 14- 8.62 miles
July 14- 8.40 miles
August 14- 21.31 miles
September 14- 67.1 miles
October 14- 61.56 miles
November 14- 16.49 miles
Total Miles in 2014: 218.53 miles

January 15- 24.23 miles
March 15- 16.21 miles
April 15- 45.08 miles
May 15- 17.42 miles
June 15- 55.69 miles
July 15- 52.99 miles
August 15- 49.48 miles
September 15- 63.08
October 15- 48.65 miles
November 15- 19.56 miles
December 15- 8.11 miles
Total Miles in 2015: 400.50 miles


Race Schedule
*Registered For

3/5/16 - Leprechaun Chase (10k)
5/1/16 - Lincoln Marathon (Half Marathon)
6/25/16 - Cornfield Cornfield (10k)
7/3/16 - Duck & Dumpling Run (5k)
9/16/16 - Harvest Moon Hustle (10k)
10/8/16 - Market To Market Relay (76M)
11/6/16 - Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon)

My Bucket List of Races to Participate In:
Any RunDisney Races
Urban Dare (5-7m)
Laugh And A Half Marathon (13.2m)
Marathon to Marathon (13.2m)
Foam Fest (5k)
Sandmine Challenge (5k-ish)
Mine Run (5k)
Run The Line (Half Mary)
In The Land of Oz (Half Mary)


PR & Stats
Best 5k Time: 29:30 at Crete River Run
Best 10K Time: 1:04:38 Duck & Dumpling Run
Best Half Marathon Time: 2:21:12 at Good Life Halfsy
Best Full Marathon Time: Someday.. Soon?


Link-Ups & Associations
Part of my running journey includes finding a community to help encourage me and participate with me! Even if we're not in the same state doesn't mean we can't run together! I've joined in and am running a few fun races or other goals that have to do with running. Below is a list of the different goals I'm using to help improve my running. 

Being a runner means there's a GIANT community of support to help boost your moods and running goals. I have found a few groups I participate in and wanted to let you guys know what exciting things I'm associated or participating in. Some of the below listed groups I am also affiliated with! I'd love for you guys to look into them and join up if you're ready for fun! :)

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador


  1. I see you have runDisney runs on your bucket list. I'd definitely second that idea! I've run a couple of Disney 10Ks, and they are so much fun! So much to see along the course, great support, so many runners in costumes--you'd have a blast!

    That Laugh and a Half Marathon looks like a lot of fun, too! Maybe I'll have to travel to Nebraska sometime.

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