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I've started a fun link-up to get to know fellow Nebraska bloggers! If you're interested in linking up just copy the button code and add it to your blog! Although I'm not forcing you add the button I would appreciate it as I'm also giving you promotion by leaving your buttons on my blog as well. Also be sure to fill out the form below so I can add you to the list and map. This is just a fun way to see how many other awesome bloggers from Nebraska are out there! If you find a neighbor or new friend then this list is doing it's job so make sure to tell them you found them via this link-up! :)

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Kelsey over at Keeping Up With Kelsey located by Dorchester (HOST)

Kaitlynn over at A Law Students Journey located by Omaha
Nancy over at A Rural Joural located by Blair
Kelsey over at Ag On The Forefront located by Seward
Ashlee over at All That Glitters located by Lincoln
Elizabeth over at Bear Creek Honey located by Henderson
Diane over at Beckerdia located by Norfolk
Becky over at BecKyleLowery located by Kimball
Liz over at Becoming located by Grand Island
Laura over at Bennett Adopt located by Lincoln
Angela over at Blog Mommas located by Omaha
Jess over at Blonde Ponytail located by Omaha
Charity over at Bluestem Kennals located by Bellevue
Brin over at BoldButterBaby located by Lincoln
Bolton over at BoltenCarley's Blog located by Bellevue
Bonnie over at BonnieVille located in Northeast NE
Aaron over at Breakfast, Nudity and a Ladder located by Milford
McKenzie over at Chasing Happy located by Lincoln
Nikky over at Chicks Dig Deals located by Lincoln
Suzi over at Chores & Chandeliers located by Broken Bow
Angela over at Domestic Divapalooza located by Omaha
Joan over at Dust In My Coffee located by Dodge
Katrina over at Enchanted Savings located by York
Julie over at Family Fun in Omaha located by Omaha
Laura over at Field Hospital located by Lincoln
Jessica over at Finding Joy located by Omaha
Sandy over at First Comes Love located by Wilber
Sam over at HAIR IN THE AIR The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face located by Lincoln
Al over at Her Bearings located by Omaha
Jennifer over at Her View From Home located by Kearney
Stefanie over at Husak Household located by Lincoln
Melanie over at Garnish & Glaze located by Omaha
Kandi over at Gluten Free For Jen located by Sutton
Jeni over at Gracious Luck located by Wayne
Angela over at I Am Pooped located by Omaha
Caroyln over at Inspired Montessori and Dundee Montessori located by Omaha
Roxie over at Jack's Shack located by Lincoln
Jessie over at Jessie Jo At Home located by Chase County
Raimie over at Joyfinders Path located by Eastern NE
Kathy over at Kissing The Frog located by Omaha
Meghan over at Life is Good
Linsey over at Lille Punkin' located by Takamah
Jen over at Liv, Laugh, Love located by Bellevue
Liz over at LPO Beauty located by Omaha
Joanna over at Making Mine located by Omaha
Lisa over at Midwest Mommas located by Omaha
Shelly over at Minettes Maze located by Bellevue
Joanne over at Mom in Nebraska located by Omaha
Nicole over at Mom Saves Money located by Bellevue
Diane over at Mrs. CookieBear located by Northeast NE
Jen over at Ms. Bee Haven located by Harrisburg
Virginia over at My Full Cup located by Scottsbluff
Elizabeth over at My Glad Heart located by Henderson
Kadi over at My "Normal" Style located by Omaha
Erin over at My Paleo Chow located by Fremont
Tonya over at Nebraska Hockey Mom located by Omaha
Muriel over at Nebraska Outback located by Sutherland
Gretchen over at Odyssey Through Nebraska located by Lincoln
Kim over at OhMy!Omaha located by Omaha
Nicole over at Our Humble Webb located by Grand Island
Courtney over at Our Small Moments located by Fremont
Courtney over at Real Housewife of Nebraska located by Southwest NE
Sean over at Rilaly's Blog located by Omaha
Stacie over at Saving Tips For The Working Mom located by Northeast NE
Sky over at Seeryus Mama located by North Platte
Mindy over at Shopping to Serve located by Bellevue
Betsy over at Simply Switzer's located by Lincoln
Julie over at Small Town Nebraska located by Southwest NE
Megan over at Smile Like You Mean It located by Lincoln
Grace over at Social Media Marketing located by Lincoln
Lauren over at Something Beautiful located by Omaha
Angela over at Stretching My Faith located by Omaha
Kim over at Texting My Pancreas located by Omaha
Jennifer over at That's What She Read located by Nebraska City
Ashley over at That's What She Said located by Lincoln
Megan over at The Barnett's located by Grand Island
Amanda over at The Barstow's trans-located in TX right now
Savannah over at The Canny Copley's located by Curtis
Michaela over at The Gathering Room Chic located by Atkinson
Allie over at The Gypsy Teacher located by Omaha
Samantha over at The Kitchen Is My Dance Floor located by Omaha
Gretchen over at The Sacred Line located by Lincoln
Stephanie over at The Steezy Blog located by Lincoln
Tonja over at The Sullivan Good Life located by Lincoln
Lisa over at The Walking Tourists located by Omaha
LuAnn over at The Writing On The Wall located by Ewing
Sara over at There Is Nothing Less Radiant located by Lincoln
Grace over at Turn The Page located by Lincoln
Amy over at Vomiting Chicken located by Milford
Katie over at Yellow Mango Life located by Omaha
Dawn over at 3 Quarters Again located by Elmwood
Celeste, Kim & Natalie over at It's Really 10 Months located by Omaha
Laura over at Something Complete & Great located by Papillion

Family Fun in Omaha My Glad Heart Shopping To Serve Our Humble Webb All That Glitters xox

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May 15th- Blog Name Meaning
May 22nd- Top 5 Must Follow Blogs
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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I grabbed a button and put it on my sidebar! Also filled out the form and "liked" the Facebook page (but I hardly ever use FB - just FYI)! Thanks for working towards getting the Nebraska bloggers all connected! :)

    Also, just started following your blog! You were a no-reply blogger on your blog comments to me, so I didn't even see that you had a blog! oops :)


    1. Ugh! How do I fix that problem!? Others have mentioned it but I still (to this day) cannot fix it! I've reverted back to the old blogger in hopes of fixing it but obvi it didn't help! Thanks so much for adding the button, I really hope it takes off and we find so many other awesome local lads and lassies as well!!!!

  2. U finally filled out the info. I've been a real slacker lately! :)
    thanks for doing this!

  3. Okay here's the trick question! Can I join even though we haven't moved back to NE yet? It's okay if not, patience is a virtue and I'll practice it until we are back...but I will be trying to add the button to my blog!

    1. Yes absolutely join in on the fun! We're trying to find those who LOVE us right?! ;)

  4. Yay a fellow Husker blogger! I LOVE the idea of connecting Nebraska bloggers! :) I submited my info and added the button to my blog at jessiejoathome.blogspot.com! Thanks :)

    1. Yay! I saw you added your info, I'm planning on working up some more spots on here so expect your button to be added soon :)

  5. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I put the button my my blog www.mynormalstyle.com Thanks!

  6. Hello there! Hope you are having a nice Sunday evening! I just resubmitted this form as I did not have everything on there the last time. Please let me know if I need to do anything else. I am posting a post about A Day in the good life tomorrow and linking the button. I think this is what I'm supposed to do? ;)

  7. Adding a button to my blog... (and wondering if permission was granted to use the Huskers logo in the design??)

  8. We should DEFINITELY have a Nebraska blogger meet up this summer! I'd be happy to host in Omaha!!

  9. Love this! I don't run across NE bloggers very often, so this is super exciting!

  10. I think this is a great idea! It's so hard to find Nebraska bloggers, so I'm glad you're spearheading this.

  11. I feel so inept with adding buttons to my blog, but I finally got the NBC button added to www.ohmyomaha.com. Took me long enough! :/

  12. Thank you so much for organizing this! I am excited to check out other Nebraska blogs!

  13. Love the idea of a Nebraska blogger link up site. I've been blogging for almost three years now. I put your badge right up top so everyone can see. Stop on by and say "Hi". I work in Omaha so a meet up would be great.

  14. Just added a button to my blog! Love being able to network with such an amazing group!

  15. Congrats Kelsey!! Your blog was chosen as this week's Blog of the Week over on Blog Mommas!! :):)

  16. Love what you are dong here! May I join this bloggers list with my educational blog? I would love to! Thanks for doing this!

  17. I am an Omaha blogger and a US Family Guide Marketing Representative. We need more Omaha and surrounding area bloggers to join our networks of bloggers. Go to http://www.usfamilyguide.com/submityourblog.php, to sign up!

  18. Hi... added all my info a while ago and have your button on my blog but don't see my info above did you get it? Its for shoppingtoserve.com Thanks! I think this is a great idea. Mindy

  19. Happy New Year from Blog Mommas!

  20. Hey! Nicole here, aka - Our Humble Webb.. aka- N_webb1 on instagram and twitter..
    my blog is now over at Weavingourwebb.com
    I filled out a new forma while back, just wanted to get my new blog up on this page! Thanks!

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